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villageNigerian communities, governments, churches, schools, and people must work together for the common goal of immediate but systematic change. To reduce crime, we must have goals to properly ground our youth education and to use new technology in the information age. Nigeria’s youth is our future – their access to technology-based research, development, and training, cannot be overlooked. We cannot progress with graduates who have never used a computer. Our youth must be equipped and challenged to be their best.

Today millions of young Nigerians go through the most dehumanizing, difficult, and painful times. Many remain humane despite the adversity by holding onto their faith and dignity. Millions go through formal education only to reach an end as soon as they arrive at the pass or fail matrix. Because today’s university graduate has no better chance of finding a job than his or her counterpart without that training, more and more Nigerian children lack the incentive to pursue education. Further compounding the problem is that our academic education is often pursued and emphasized as though it were an end unto itself, with less links to vocational education/technical training and development.

girlSecondary schools offer virtually no life skills, placing unprepared, inexperienced youth in a strange, tough, and hostile environment. Confronted with these problems, our youth inevitably experience a contradiction of both depression and hopefulness. Some succumb to the temptations of crime, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, gangs, and the occult. Such a bleak predicament breaks our youth spiritually and mentally.

Operation Peace of Mind understands the problems of our youth and have programs that will promote mutual understanding, create employment, reduce crime, and attract more foreign investors to Nigeria. Interventionist programs will be introduced to avoid social unrest among the youth. We empower and equip our youth for this technological age because doing so will restore hope for Nigeria’s youth. Our Network aims at installing economic, social, educational, and cultural awareness amongst members. The program is designed to assist participants and eliminate barriers that prevent youth from succeeding positively in today’s world community.

boyThe OPM Youth Network brings together members with culturally diverse backgrounds from different Nigerian communities and foreign countries through effective leadership training and workshops. Members mentor their peers nationally and internationally. The summer programs offer participants the opportunity to travel abroad and actively engage in various targeted community development projects. These projects directly improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged citizens of such communities. Participants will be certified as OPM Ambassadors after completing the training program.

Operation Peace of Mind is a non-profit organization that has initiated comprehensive programs which help youths and parents work together to reduce crime and gang activity in our communities. We design programs that help youths identify their professional interests and assist in developing programs to help them achieve their vision and goals.


  • Crime prevention
  • Cultural development
  • Leadership trainings
  • Environmental awareness
  • Skills training
  • Voluntarism
  • Monitoring
  • Patriotism

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