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Nigerians United Against Malaria

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Nigerians United
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OPM links families
to their community.
We assist in creating and executing programs
that mobilize
citizens to
build and revitalize the community, especially
in the areas
of Healthcare Delivery, Modern Technology, Agricultural / Food
Production, Clean Water Delivery,
and a
State Income Tax Generating System.


A United States based International
Nonprofit Organization


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OPM grooms
our youth to
be leaders.
We teach them patriotism and
by challenging
them to
serve their community
and nation
with pride. Helping to create leaders today will ensure a brighter

OPM nurtures students from the early stages of their
lives and assists them in removing barriers that
may hinder their success. OPM teaches them vocational
& entrepreneur skills that will help them avoid becoming
involved in crime or a victim of crime. OPM's YouthBuild
program helps create jobs and reliable employment
building affordable housing, among other projects, for
the community. OPM also offers a study-abroad program.

OPM will collaborate
with Nigerian Export Promotion Council in promotion Nigerian made products in
the USA.
OPM works together with experts from around the world in all fields to help develop safer, more vital communities.

"If society would invest in all the youth who have a desire to change their lives for the better, we could reduce poverty and crime to a minimum within a generation."